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This information is provided as a public service. While every effort is made to assure accuracy, the information may not be correct due to changes in provider status, name, address or other facts. Do not use this information as a sole source in selecting a home care or home nursing service.

Montgomery County Home Health Care Providers

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Berwyn Heights

Preferred Health Care Services, Inc.
6215 Greenbelt Road Suite 300
Berwyn Heights MD 20740
(240) 965-6670
Residential Service Agency



Home Care Partners, Inc.
3915 National Drive Suite 100
Burtonsville MD 20866
(202) 638-2382
Residential Service Agency
Insource Health Care Services, Llc
14623 Blackburn Road
Burtonsville MD 20866
(301) 421-9670
Residential Service Agency
Shalom Healthcare Services
4303 Tinsberry Court
Burtonsville MD 20866
(301) 549-3457
Residential Service Agency
Wellness Nursing And Rehab Inc.
3537 Spencerville Road Suite 9
Burtonsville MD 20866
(301) 931-7575
Residential Service Agency
A1- Action Nursing Care, Inc
3508 Greencastle Road
Burtonsville MD 20866
(301) 890-7575
Nursing Referral Service Agency
Assisted Living Carers
1532 Spencerville Court, #201
Burtonsville MD 20866
(240) 342-2478
Nursing Referral Service Agency
At Home Care, Inc.
15304 Spencerville Court, #101
Burtonsville MD 20866
(301) 421-0200
Nursing Referral Service Agency
At Home Support & Staffing
Park 29 Professional Center/ 15304 Spencerville Ct
Burtonsville MD 20866
Nursing Referral Service Agency
Bjan Home Health Services, Inc.
4200 Red Maple Court
Burtonsville MD 20866
(240) 694-7024
Nursing Referral Service Agency


Medstar Health Visiting Nurse Association, Inc.
4061 Powder Mill Road, Suite 500
Calverton MD 20705
(240) 965-2900
Home Health Agency

Chevy Chase

Capital City Nurse Registry
4600 North Park Avenue, Suite Pw
Chevy Chase MD 20815
(301) 986-9129
Nursing Referral Service Agency


Devotion Home Care And Staffing Agency
23217 Murdock Ridge Way
Clarksburg MD 20871
(240) 476-4729
Residential Service Agency
Doc's Nursing Jobs, Inc.
23322 Rainbow Arch Drive
Clarksburg MD 20871
(301) 540-8444
Residential Service Agency
Home Helpers
13018 Clarksburg Square Road
Clarksburg MD 20871
(301) 916-8638
Residential Service Agency
Just Divine Homecare Agency, Llc
23219 Stringtown Road #235
Clarksburg MD 20871
(301) 219-1585
Residential Service Agency
Reliance Home Care
12615 Blue Sky Drive
Clarksburg MD 20871
(301) 789-2525
Residential Service Agency
Dedicated Homeworkers, Usa
12956 Clarksburg Square, Road
Clarksburg MD 20871
(301) 534-3431
Nursing Referral Service Agency


Saint Paul's Nursing Care, Llc
7100 Muncaster Mill Road
Derwood MD 20855
(240) 476-5756
Residential Service Agency



Absolute Care
14034 Bromfield Road
Germantown MD 20874
(240) 491-4101
Residential Service Agency
20611 Boland Farm Road
Germantown MD 20876
(301) 515-1090
Residential Service Agency
Connie's Health Care Agency
18441 Crownsgate Circle
Germantown MD 20874
(240) 398-1433
Residential Service Agency
Modinacare, Inc.
11528 Aldburg Way
Germantown MD 20876
(301) 515-1396
Residential Service Agency
Roberts Home Medical, Inc.
20465 Seneca Meadows Parkway
Germantown MD 20876
(301) 353-0300
Residential Service Agency
Sandra's Nursing Services Llc
21106 Tall Cedar Way
Germantown MD 20876
(301) 212-7106
Residential Service Agency
Chevy Chase Staffing Agency, Llc
20306 Thuderhead Way
Germantown MD 20874
(240) 912-9192
Nursing Referral Service Agency
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Maryland Independent Living

Meals and Nutrition Resources

Home Delivered Meals

Meals On Wheels. Community Dining. Grocery and Shopping Assistance. Help with Food Costs.

Maryland RelayLiving at home and have trouble with speech or hearing? You need to know about Maryland Relay.

TRS is for YOU if you are a hearing person wanting to communicate with deaf, hard of hearing or speech disabled friends, or if you have a speech or hearing loss that makes using the telephone difficult.

The Senior Connection in Montgomery County: rides, groceries, and visits

Volunteers help the 'house-bound' senior stay independent.

Maryland County & State Directories:
Maryland Regulations
What kind of agency do I need?
Why are there three types? How are they different?
Who regulates Home Health Care in Maryland?

The Office of Health Care Quality is responsible for regulating most health care providers. Licensing laws, however, vary by what type of agency you are considering.

What state agencies in Maryland offer assistance and help about Home Health Care?

These state health and regulation departments have web pages and publications for patients, family, and caregivers.

State Health Links
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What does “Medicare-certified” signify?

“Medicare-certified” means the home health agency is approved by Medicare and meets certain Federal health and safety requirements. Medicare will not cover home health services provided by a home health agency that has not been Medicare-certified.

Important Information about the Agencies Listed on our web pages

There are reasons why a Home health agency might not appear in our listings. You should know about possible changes in how agencies accept payment.  Read more...

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