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Stamford, Connecticut Assisted Living Directory

* Approx # Beds data is according to Connecticut Department of Public Health, as of Jan., 2010. This number could easily change; contact the facility for latest data.

Atria Stamford
77 Third Street,
Stamford CT 06905
(203) 327-4551

Brighton Gardens of Stamford
59 Roxbury Road,
Stamford CT 06902
(203) 322-2100

122 Palmers Hill Road,
Stamford CT 06902
(203) 323-2323

Atria Courtland Gardens - Stamford
59 Courtland Avenue
Stamford CT 06902
(203) 359-2000

Atria Town Center
26 Mill River Street
Stamford CT 06902
(203) 978-1666

Scofield Manor
614 Scofieldtown Rd
Stamford CT 06903-2805
(203) 329-2388

Sunrise Assisted Living of Stamford
251 Turn of River Road,
Stamford, CT 06905
(203) 968-8393


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