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Assisted Living & Shared Housing Establishments in
Peoria, IL

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Peoria County

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Apostolic Christian Skylines
7023 N. E. Skyline Dr
Peoria IL 61614
(309) 691-8091
Approx # Units: 16

Bethel Place-AZ Establishment*
6901 N. Galena Rd
Peoria IL 61614
(309) 689-9658
Approx # Units: 20
Has Alzheimer Unit

Bickford - Peoria I House
1920 W. Willow Knolls Dr
Peoria IL 61614
(309) 689-5400
Approx # Units: 50

Bickford - Peoria II Cottage*
2000 W. Willow Knolls Dr.
Peoria IL 61614
(309) 589-0800
Approx # Units: 32
Has Alzheimer Unit
Offers Adult Day Care

Hawthorne Inn of Peoria*
6906 N Stalworth Dr.
Peoria IL 61615
(309) 683-3560
Approx # Units: 52
Has Alzheimer Unit

Patrician Home
1511 N. Bigelow St
Peoria IL 61604
(309) 685-8716
Approx # Units: 10

Samaritan Place
6901 N. Galena Rd
Peoria IL 61614
(309) 689-9661
Approx # Units: 40

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