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Are you trying to learn about Assisted Living choices in Indiana? Need help to locate a Residential Care Facility or Assisted Living Residence in your IN town or county?. Our website will help you.

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Residential Care Facilities and Assisted Living

Indiana facilities that use the term “assisted living” to describe their services are required to file with the Family and Social Services Agency (FSSA) Division of Aging. They then become a registered Housing with Services Establishment (HSE). This type of senior care facility provide three meals per day and a number of additional services.

We have listing pages for each Indiana county that has Assisted Living facilities, along with special directories for larger IL cities.

A person considering Assisted Living must meet certain health requirements to be accepted by a facility. For instance, a person who requires skilled nursing care would not qualify for Assisted Living. The rules are much more specific than our example, however, and you should discuss your needs with the professional staff of an Assisted Living facility or with a qualified state elder-care professional.
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    This a directory for the whole state of Indiana, broken down by towns and cities in alphabetical order. Its a long list, so it crosses over multiple to web pages.

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Listings of Assisted Living providers by city and county.
We have listing pages for most Indiana counties that have an Assisted Living Residence, along with special directories for the larger cities.

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The topics include help and advice about Assisted Living, links to outside resources for more information, and occasional developments in the news. Our editors usually use government and association websites as the source for this information.

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