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Listings of Assisted Living Programs and Residences for the whole state of Maryland. See our individual county and city directories for a shorter list. Maryland County Directories

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This page shows Assisted Living in Maryland cities starting with A.
For more listings, click on a letter above. The letters are alphabetical links to Maryland cities beginning with that letter.
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Harford County

Covenant Care Assisted Living
218 Saint Justin Drive
Aberdeen MD 21001
(410) 297-6594
Approx. Capacity 3

Dacota (The)
468 West Bel Air Avenue
Aberdeen MD 21001
(410) 575-7772
Approx. Capacity 10

Geneva's Place
441 Ruby Drive
Aberdeen MD 21001
(410) 273-1968
Approx. Capacity 3

Hummingbird Manor Assisted Living
452 West Bel Air Avenue
Aberdeen MD 21001
(410) 937-3799
Approx. Capacity 15

Liv-N-Well Assisted Living Facility
41 East Bel Air Avenue
Aberdeen MD 21001
(410) 273-5037
Approx. Capacity 16

Seeds Of Compassion
1317 North Stepney Road
Aberdeen MD 21001
(410) 734-6359
Approx. Capacity 5

Vaughan's Personal Care Boarding Home
106 Spesutia Road
Aberdeen MD 21001
(410) 272-9145
Approx. Capacity 10


Harford County

Cantler's Personal Care Home, Inc.
803 West Baker Avenue
Abingdon MD 21009
(410) 676-6820
Approx. Capacity 4

Care Tech Assisted Living Home
402 Autumn Leaf Court
Abingdon MD 21009
(443) 616-9077
Approx. Capacity 3


Garrett County

Cedar Hill Personal Care
1318 Orendorf Road
Accident MD 21520
(301) 245-4448
Approx. Capacity 5

Cherry Hill Assisted Living
253 Aiken Miller Road
Accident MD 21520
(301) 746-8082
Approx. Capacity 24


Prince George's County

Birchwood Group Home Ii
18301 Indian Head Highway
Accokeek MD 20607
(301) 283-3351
Approx. Capacity 8


Frederick County

Buckingham's Choice, Inc
3200 Baker Circle
Adamstown MD 21710
(301) 644-1600
Approx. Capacity 45


Prince George's County


Anne Arundel County


Baltimore City County

Lashae Gloria Home Care
2863 West Coldspring Lane
Arlington MD 21215
(410) 370-0705
Approx. Capacity 3


Anne Arundel County

Cranberry Cottage Ix
190 Campus Green Drive
Arnold MD 21012
(410) 431-8882
Approx. Capacity 8

Cranberry Cottage Viii
186 Campus Green Drive
Arnold MD 21012
(410) 431-8880
Approx. Capacity 8

Jones Acres
1349 Jones Station Road
Arnold MD 21012
(410) 974-4747
Approx. Capacity 15

Riva Terrace V
1232 Ritchie Highway
Arnold MD 21012
(410) 647-8117
Approx. Capacity 5

Spirit Of Life I
802 Mago Vista Road
Arnold MD 21012
(410) 647-1317
Approx. Capacity 3


Montgomery County

1419 Ashton Road
Ashton MD 20861
(301) 774-2563
Approx. Capacity 4

This page shows Assisted Living in Maryland cities starting with A .
For more listings, return to the top of this page and click on a letter in the boxes. The letters are alphabetical links to Maryland cities beginning with that letter.

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