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What does Assisted Living
Cost in Missouri?

As an average, how much will my family have to pay?

In our experience, this is one of the first questions almost every family asks. We found average costs for Missouri in the data from the MetLife 2012 Market Survey of Long-Term Care Costs.

The survey says that the average cost in 2012 of an Assisted Living Facility in Missouri was $3,128 per month, up from $2,948 in 2010. The highest reported cost for the state was $6,600, and the lowest was $1,632.

The monthly cost varies, depending on your locality. In the Kansas City Area, for instance, the average cost of Assisted Living per month was $2,702. In St. Louis, the average was $4,338. The rest of the state has a lower monthly cost, as an average, of $2,873.

Missouri Avg. Monthly Assisted Living Facility Cost
Kansas City Area $2,702
Saint Louis 4,338
Rest of State 2,873
State Average 2,702

The United States average cost for an Assisted Living facility in 2012 was $3,550 per month, up 2.1% from 2011. The state with the highest average cost was Washington, D.C., with $5,933. The lowest average cost reported was $2,695, in Oklahoma.

For comparison, the average daily cost for Nursing Home care (private) in Missouri was $169, or over $5000 for a month's care. The average cost of a home health aide was $19.00 per hour. The average cost of Adult Day Services (Adult Day Care) was $65.00 per day.

This information comes from the MetLife Mature Market Institute®. The full report is available at the Institute's website.

Explanatory note about the survey:

MetLife provides a "State Average" for each type of long-term care service in each state -the average of all rates for all sampled services in the state. In the states where MetLife includes average rates for one or more cities or areas within a state, these averages are specific to those areas.

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