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Rossiter PA Assisted Living Residences (ALR's)
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Green Acres Personal Care Home
1460 Buffalo Lodge Road
Rossiter PA 15772
(814) 938-9283

Harmon S Personal Care Home
113 Lower Clinton St Pobox 248
Rossiter PA 15772
(814) 952-2319

Haverilla Personal Care Home
775 Stonetown Road
Rossiter PA 15772
(814) 938-3399

Pisano John A And Shirley Personal Care Home
P O Box 144 670 Stonetown Rd
Rossiter PA 15772
(814) 938-2256

Pisano S Personal Care Home
756 Stonetown Road
Rossiter PA 15772
(814) 938-7407

West Side Manor
6 West Side P O Box 289
Rossiter PA 15772
(814) 938-9601


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