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Who regulates Personal Care Homes in Pennsylvania?

Who is responsible for inspections, licenses, and quality?

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Its good to know this information in case you have a problem or question about your family member in Assisted Living & Personal Care Homes.

The Office of Long-Term Living is responsible for the licensing and oversight of Pennsylvania's assisted living facilities.

These include licensure and certification surveys, follow-up surveys and complaint investigations. On-site surveys to verify conditions in a facility. Enforcement actions can be taken if a facility fails to meet compliance regulations. Surveys are not just for health care compliance, but also include fire and safety standards.

The Office's web page is at this link: The Pennsylvania Office of Long-Term Living

If your interest in Assisted Living licensing and regulations has to do with a complaint or concern over the care a family member is receiving, the Office of Long-Term Living recommends that you contact your area Long-Term Care Ombudsman or your Area Agency on Aging. As of October, 2012, the phone number for the State Ombudsman Program office was (717) 783-7247.

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