Home Health CareFirst Steps to Home Health Care

Do you need to find Home Health Care for some one in your family? Start by oranizing essential info. This page gives recommendations to help you get started.

Basic Information About Yourself

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Get organized.
Make a file with copies of these documents about yourself or the family member. Keep them handy for future questions.

  • State ID card or driver's license
  • Social Security card
  • Medicare Card (if you have one)
  • Health insurance policies
  • A copy off your last income tax filing
  • A utility bill to prove your place of residence

You will need these documents in your meetings with health professionals and for applications you wil be making. You could be asked to establish identity. You will need to know the details of any health insurance coverage you might have. If financial assistance is an issue, expect to have details avbout income.

Talk with your doctor.
You are going to need the support of your doctor if you choose home health care. If you are in the hospital, you should discuss your needs and preferences with a medical social worker (provided by the hospital) and the discharge administrator.

Locate your local help.
You need to know the address and phone contact for your county health department, and if they have one, the department of aging or senior care.

Find your local Council on Aging, Area Agency on Aging, or Senior Citizens Council. In most cases, there is one for your county, although in large metro areas there could be more than one in a county. These councils help seniors learn about services and answer questions about a wide range of topics, including financial aide, insurance, and home modifications.

Most of our Home Health Care directories for state, county, and cities provide links to the Area Agency of Aging for each locale.

Look up your city's directory here on our website.
Get a feeling for how many and what kind of agencies are available in your area. If you are going to be using Medicare to help pay, look for Medicare certified agencies in your area.

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