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Did you know that you have special rights as a home health care patient?

If you are using a Medicare-Certified agency...

Patients who use a Medicare certified home health care agency have several rights regarding their care. The agency is obligated to provide a written cop of these rights.

If you are using a non-Medicare agency
Many non-certified home health care agencies have similar documents outlining their patients' rights and responsibilities.

According to medicare.gov, the federal website, these rights include:
  • the right to choose your home health agency (If you belong to a managed care plan, the choice will depend upon which home health agencies your plan works with.)
  • the right to have your property treated with respect
  • the right to be given a copy of your plan of care, and participate in decisions about your care
  • the right to have your family or guardian act for you if you are unable
  • the right to make complaints to the agency or the State Regulation Agency about your treatment, care that's not provided or staff who show disrespect for you or your property

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