Home Health CareWhat is a "Medicare-certified" Home Health Agency?

How Medicare certifies home health agencies that meet federal qualifications

Some of our listings include the term "Medicare" or "Medicare Certified"

When your doctor orders home health care for you, you may choose a participating Medicare-certified home health agency from those in city or county. Certified Home health agencies meet certain Federal health and safety requirements.

Your choice of an agency should be honored by your doctor, hospital discharge planner, or other referring agency. You have a say in which agency you use. Occasionally your choices may be limited by your insurance coverage.

Most of the state, county and city directories in this website indicate those agencies which are Medicare certified, according to the Home Health database at medicare.giv. Unfortunatly, listing data can change without notice. Use our listings only as a guide, and always check with the agency in person to confirm its current status.

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