Important Information about the Agencies Listed on our web pages

Our listing data

Our data is updated, in most cases, once or twice each year. Between those updates, we make changes and add or remove listings based on email submissions we receive from agencies. Of course, not every agency contacts us when changes to their listing is necessary. In those cases, we might display "old" information until the state and national databases are updated.

A reminder about agency payment policies

When you contact an agency, be sure to verify what form of payment they accept. If they are listed as a Medicare-certified agency or as an agency that accepts Medicaid, you will want to know if there have been any changes in their payment policy.

We do not endorse or recommend any home health agency

Our listings are for informational purposes only. Although we accept various advertising orders from home health care providers, the larger (or bolder) paid listings do not constitute an endorsement by us.