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Home Health Agencies & Home Nursing in
Newark, DE

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Home Health Care & Home Nursing Agencies

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Bayada Home Health Care, Inc.
1400 People's Plaza, Suite 111
Newark DE 19702
(302) 836-1000

Comfort Care at Home
260 Chapman Rd., Suite 201
Newark DE 19702
(302) 737-8078

Comfort Keepers
2702 Capitol Trail
Newark DE 19711
(302) 892-2214

Heartfelt Home Health II
698 Old Baltimore Pike
Newark DE 19702
(302) 366-1814

Heartland Home Health Care And Hospice
256 Chapman Road, Suite 102
Newark DE 19702
(302) 737-7080
Medicare Certified HHA*
Offers: Nursing Care
Home Health Aide Services
Local Physical Therapy Services
Medical Social Services

Neuro Care Consultants
201 Ruthar Drive, Ste 5, Forum 2000
Newark DE 19711
(302) 738-6400
Medicare Certified HHA*
Offers: Nursing Care
Home Health Aide Services
Local Physical Therapy Services

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  • What does "Medicare-certified" signify?
    "Medicare-certified" means the home health agency is approved by Medicare and meets certain Federal health and safety requirements. Medicare will not cover home health services provided by a home health agency that has not been Medicare-certified.
  • Important Information about the Agencies Listed on our web pages
    There are reasons why a Home health agency might not appear in our listings. You should know about possible changes in how agencies accept payment.  Read more...

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