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topics: How Maryland's Senior CARE System works, who it is for, how it helps pay for care or services.

Maryland's Senior Care System helps people 65 and up for whom nursing home placement might be likely. The program provides case management and funds to allow seniors to stay in the comfort of their own homes and at a lower cost than nursing facility care.

It starts with your local agency on aging

The program begins with an assessment of an individual's needs, and usually provides a case manager to secure and coordinate services. Your local agencies for aging and social services are the entry point into the system, and they coordinate whatever help is deemed appropriate.


Seniors who are referred for help are screened to see if they are eligible for Senior Care. The screening probably includes income, age, and assets, along with the person's functional capabilities.

Help with costs

There is a pool of gap filling funds to pay for services when a person meets the program eligibility requirements. Services could include personal care, chore service, medications, medical supplies, adult day care, respite care, home delivered meals, transportation, and emergency response systems.

Senior Information and Assistance Local Offices

There are 120 local Senior Information and Assistance offices throughout the state. .

More Information...

There is a list of local offices with contact information at Senior Information and Assistance Coordinators.



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