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Friendly Visitation Program
in Washington County

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Volunteers make friendly home visits for Shut-ins in Washington County, Maryland

About this program

Volunteers will visit elderly, ill and those confined to their homes under a program administered by the Commision on Aging. The Friendly Visitor will visit the home of a client weekly to provide companionship and a "change of pace" for the individual. A visit usually lasts from one to two hours.

What visitors do NOT provide.

Visits are not intended for errands, chores, transportation to appointments, or shopping. The visitor will not cook, monitor medication, write checks or provide any type of personal care. The purpose of the visit is to provide companionship.

What kind of activity might a visitor provide?

Visitors are skilled at chatting, writing letters, and playing simple games such as cards or jigsaw puzzles.

More Information...

Contact the The Washington County Commission on Aging, Inc..



This page is about the home-bound visitation program in Washington County, MD

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