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Need home health care or other Long Term Care? Here's where to start.

The Carroll County Bureau of Aging and Disabilities has a service called Information & Assistance.

What kind of assistance?

This is the entry point to find out what programs are available for help to seniors. If you have questions about caring for a senior or disabled person, or need information on benefits, you should begin with this county unit. The program can help with filing forms, making referrals, and following to make sure the right services have been enlisted. Education for caregivers, family and friends is part of the program.

Programs like these throughout the state are called "Access Point". You can read about Access Point in this brochure: Maryland Access Point


Everyone is eligible, including older persons, care givers, and family of seniors.

How it begins

An in-depth assessment of the individual’s needs is performed to identify the full scope of help needed.

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