Taylor Home Health Care Agencies

A consumer's guide to Taylor Home Care Organizations including Medicare Certified Home Health Agencies: Home Health Agencies

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Alpha Home Healthcare Services, Inc
address 20600 Eureka Road, Ste 408
Taylor MI 48180
phone (734) 324-3166
owner Proprietary
Choice One Home Health Care, Inc
address 8750 Telegraph Road, Suite 306
Taylor MI 48180
phone (313) 295-5911
owner Proprietary
Neocare Home Care
address 20500 Eureka Rd Suite 211
Taylor MI 48180
phone (734) 283-5643
owner Proprietary
Older Adult Home Care Services, Inc
address 10882 Beech Daly
Taylor MI 48180
phone (313) 291-2782
owner Proprietary
Optimum Plus Home Care, Llc
address 21521 Van Born Road
Taylor MI 48180
phone (734) 620-7520
owner Proprietary
Pace Home Health Care, Inc
address 12701 Telegraph Rd, #204
Taylor MI 48180
phone (734) 287-4184
owner Proprietary
Professional Home Health Care, Inc
address 12701 Telegraph Rd, Suite 207
Taylor MI 48180
phone (734) 287-8101
owner Proprietary
Quality Home Health Services, Inc
address 25418 Goddard Road
Taylor MI 48180
phone (313) 357-3570
owner Proprietary
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