Seattle Home Health Care Agencies

A consumer's guide to Seattle Home Care Organizations including Medicare Certified Home Health Agencies: Home Health Agencies

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This Seattle Home Health Agency information is based on data from, and could change at anytime.
Bessie Burton Sullivan Hh
address 1020 East Jefferson Street
Seattle Wa 98122
phone (206) 328-7850
owner Voluntary Non Profit - Private
Group Health Home & Comm Svs
address 1600 E John Street Ms Ceb1
Seattle Wa 98112
phone (206) 326-4530
owner Voluntary Non Profit - Private
Heartland Home Health Care
address 115 Ne 100th Street
Seattle Wa 98125
phone (206) 417-7700
owner Proprietary
Highline Home Care Services
address 2801 South 128th
Seattle Wa 98168
phone (206) 439-9095
owner Voluntary Non Profit - Private
Sea Mar Community Hh
address 8915 14th Ave S
Seattle Wa 98108
phone (206) 764-4717
owner Voluntary Non Profit - Other
Swedish Home Health & Hospice
address 5701 6th Ave South 504
Seattle Wa 98108
phone (206) 386-6602
owner Voluntary Non Profit - Private
Wesley Homes At Home, Llc
address 2111 N Northgate Way, Suite 103
Seattle Wa 98133
phone (206) 870-1127
owner Proprietary
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