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Let's talk: You'd like to know who watches over health care in Nevada?

Who is responsible, and what if I have a complaint?

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This is a family-to-family discussion in the "On The Front Porch... Let's talk" series about being a caregiver.
Its good to know who to contact just in case you have a problem or question.

The Nevada Bureau of Health Care Quality and Compliance is responsible for the licensing and regulating of Nevada's health care facilities. Nursing homes, assisted livng residences, Homes for Individual Residential Care, Adult Day Care, Personal Care Agencies and Home Health Agencies are included, along with other facilities.

If you need to know who in the state government oversees health care quality, it is this Bureau. They hold inspections and surveys.

The Bureau is authorized by the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to certify medical facilities and providers and skilled nursing facilities in the Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement programs.

They also investigate complaints. If you have a complaint about Residents'/Patients' rights, abuse, or quality of life and quality of care, you can report it to the BHCQC in a variety of ways, including phone calls, letters, E-mail messages, and faxed messages. They offer a Complaint Information notice at this link: Complaints and Investigations. There is a link to an on-line complaint form at the Bureau's website.

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We have more information about how long term care facilities and agencies are regulated, and about filing complaints, at Let's talk: Who is watching over health care in your state?

Good luck! You are invited to drop me a line and tell me your story about how you solved situations in long term care for your loved one. We may publish selected ones if they would help educate our audience (we will not include names or email addresses). Click to send your email.

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