If getting educated on how to deal with a nursing home comes down to only one book, then this is the one you should read.

The Nursing Home Survival Guide: An Insider's Perspective on Everything from Admission to Discharge

by l e green (Author)  344 pages  2012
4 starsPaperback (under $14.00) and Kindle editions

We think this is the first book about Nursing Homes you should read, not because it's perfect, or brilliant... but because it covers the most essentials that we think every family needs to know. When the whole mountain of decisions you'll need to make about placing someone in long-term care is suddenly on your shoulders, you need someone in your corner. Let this book be your starting point. It is essential reading.

The author's bio lists years of experience as a social worker who dealt with the issues of nursing home placement and government programs like Medicaid.

There's a bunch of user reviews over at Amazon, which we read before buying this guide.

One last suggestion: if you end up ordering it, when you're done reading, consider passing it on to someone else in the family. They will gain a better understanding of what you are going through.