Nursing Homes : The Family's Journey
by Peter S. Silin
in the author's words:
I wrote this book to be a companion and support for you. It will help from the first time you have to think about nursing homes with someone you love, through the search and preparation, during admission, and as you both get used to the home. I have included everything you should know along the way about nursing homes, things hundreds of families and nursing home residents have told me they wished they had known sooner.

For twenty years, I have seen the confusion, frustration, grief, anger, guilt, sadness, relief, laughter, and satisfaction that family members go through in the process of learning to be "the family member" of someone in care. Nursing Homes: The Family's Journey teaches you the ins and outs of that process: how to be "the family member."

This book can't stop the things that should never occur, but it warns and prepares you for the possibilities. Included are solutions and guides to solve many of the problems you will encounter. I hope this gives you the knowledge, power, and confidence you need so that what happened to others doesn't happen to you...