Nursing Homes : The Family's Journey
by Peter S. Silin
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WIsh I had read this book earlier!, October 17, 2001
Your book is a treasure. I wish I had read it 5 years ago. It definitely would have made my journey easier!

Appendix 2, Accessing care in Canada, and Appendix 4, the Questionnaire for viewing Nursing Homes, are invaluable. It took me months to figure those facts out for myself ... particularly the route to accessing care facilities, and the awareness that with costs based on income, they can be affordable to anyone. Most people assume that costs are prohibitive except for the wealthy, and for that reason they do not consider "care" an option for themselves. How can we make people aware of the many excellent, affordable facilities around? Public awareness, especially of Intermediate Care facilities, is important as so many seniors struggle independently, endangering their health and safety, unaware that Intermediate Care would indeed be not only suitable but also affordable for them. A number of doctors, to my knowledge, are even unaware of how the system works!

Chapter 17, Difficult decisions, you presented very factually yet compassionately. It is so important to talk about the death of a loved one both before and after the event. Fear can be reduced and grief can be acknowledged. The care histories are so relevant. Hearing about others' anger, guilt and need for balance in personal life "hits home" with anyone who has had to put a loved one in care.

Finally! A well written book, full of great information, 2001
have been working in the field of elder care for most of my adult life. I also have aging parents, and confront this issue in my personal life. Silin's new book is compassionate and senstive, and offers a complete view of the nursing home process. It is unique in that it offers much pragmatic information, but also helps the reader confront emotional issues. One way this is achieved is by the use of vignettes written by caregivers. These stories allow the reader to read other family member's perspective, which gives added insight to the nursing home industry.

Silin also writes at length about such emotionally charged issues as abuse, guilt, loss and grief. He doesn't just raise these issues, but gives guidance and advice. This certainly will help people to deal with these painful issues.

Although he is honest and direct, he never under estimates the value of good and caring people who work in nursing homes.

After reading this book book, you will have a much more complete understanding of the problems both of nursing homes, of the people who live in them, and of their family and friends.

Am I doing the Right Thing?, April 25, 2005
Am I doing the right thing?" Every adult child of a family member requiring eldercare asks this question. The Complete Eldercare Planner will help today's busy caregivers with medical, financial, and personal issues by condensing hours of research into a concrete plan of action. In one volume, readers will learn about emergency preparedness; how to tell when your elder needs help; talking about sensitive subjects; sharing the care; long-distance assistance; money and legal matters; health and wellness; insurance; housing; safety; transportation; maintaining quality of life; aging with a disability; death and dying; and more.

This carefully designed guide also presents material in an unusually accessible way, with dozens of checklists, step-by-step mini-planning guides, lists of low-cost/free resources, website index, questions to ask with places to write down answers, spaces to record elder's vital medial, financial, and personal information, and more.

Get answers for your hardest questions,, 2001
I read this book to get some answers about the procedures to follow for added care for my 91 year old mother who is still in her own apartment but is failing. This book not only gave me a step by step direction what to look for and the options to consider but also gave examples of what others were able to do.

This book was most helpful and also gave insights about what to expect as the next stages of assistance unfold. I would recommend it to anyone else who is facing a similar situation.