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What does a nursing home cost
in South Dakota?

One survey says about $65,000 per year...

Are you considering nursing home care for someone you love? If you're struggling with this difficult decision and you live in South Dakota, plan on spending about $178 per day. That's the average cost in the state for a Semi-Private room, according to a survey published by the MetLife Mature Market Institute*. The projected yearly cost of $64,970 is based on an estimate of 365 days. (A private room has an average cost of $193 per day, or $70,445 a year.)

Fortunatly, there are options available to help with the costs.

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South Dakota Care Costs

*The yearly costs are an average of private pay rates reported by a sampling of nursing homes in the state or metro area. Some nursings homes cost more than the average, and some cost less. 2012 data.

Of all the choices for long-term care, including assisted living, home health care, and adult day care, nursing homes provide the most comprehensive care.

The typical nursing home resident needs help with multiple activities of daily living, such as getting in and out of bed, eating, using the toilet (or incontinence), and bathing. Many nursing home residents also have major medical issues prior strokes or chronic diseases.

They may also have mental or cognitive disabilities. Alzheimer's or dementia can require nursing home care.

South Dakota Semi-Private
Daily Daily
Rapid City Area $191 210
Rest of State $172 187
State Average $178 193


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Some Americans need a nursing home for only a short time (recovering from hip-replacement surgery, for instance), but most people are there long term. That's because they need more care than they can get living at home, with family, or from an assisted living facility.

Most nursing homes provide room and meals, nursing (health) care, assistance with medications, and personal care assistance. Personal care assistance includes help with daily activities such as bathing, eating, toileting, and getting in or out of bed and chairs. Many nursing homes provide some sort of social programs also, with recreational activities, games, and entertainment.

The Price Depends on Where You Live in South Dakota. Rapid City Area or elsewhere.
In the Rapid City Area for example, the average cost of a semi-private room was $191 per day. In the rest of the state, it was $210 daily.

The Highs and Lows of Costs in the State
The rates in our chart reflect average costs. There were many facilities that charged more or less than the average. A semi-private room in the state ranged from a low of $137 to a high of $215. That's a spread, for a year's cost, of $50,005 to $78,475.

The 2012 average was a dollar less than the 2011 average of $179 per day for a semi-private room.

Number 41 out of 51 in this survey
South Dakota ranked 41st for the cost of a nursing home room in the United States, according to this survey. Georgia ranked just above, and Alabama just under. The United States average cost for a semi-private room was was $222 per day. A private room was $248.

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Data was compiled using hourly/daily cost averages as published in the MetLife Mature Market Institute Market Survey of Long-Term Care Costs. This survey information came from the MetLife Mature Market Institute. The full report is available at the Institute's website.

Explanatory note about the survey:

"MetLife provides a "State Average" for each type of long-term care service in each state -the average of all rates for all sampled services in the state. In the states where MetLife includes average rates for one or more cities or areas within a state, these averages are specific to those areas."

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