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Nursing Home Costs in Georgia

*This is the median daily rate for all GA facilities. $84k
*Annual cost at the Georgia median rate
Georgia Nursing Home Costs
Daily Rate GA Nursing Homes

Highest/Lowest Daily Rates

There is a whopping 55% difference between the highest and lowest daily rates for a semi-private room in Georegia's nursing homes, according to the *2015 Genworth report.

The costliest nursing home rate (semi-private room) of $255 was reported in the Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Roswelln area. A full year of care at that rate would be over $93,000.

That record-high rate could be from a single exceptional facility, and is not typical of all nursing homes in the Atlanta area. The median rate for the area is only $197/day.

The median rate is the middle point between the highest and lowest. It is similar to an average, but not exactly the same.

The area with the highest median rates was Valdosta. Nursing homes in that area reported daily rates between $183 and $223.

The lowest rate of $115 was reported from a facility near Hinesville.

The median rate for the entire state was $183 per day for a semi-private room.

Cost in neighbor states

Georgia nursing home rates are considerably lower than in neighbor-state Florida. The median daily rate for a semi-private room in Florida is $240/day, vs. Georgia's $183/day. In Alabama, the median daily rate is $209. In South Caolina it is $190.

Medicare does not pay for long-term care. (It might pay for short-term stays for rehab after surgery or other treatment.
Average age upon admittance to a nursing home.
ccrc decisions

Planning ahead for lifetime care? A CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community) may be your answer.

What's a CCRC?

Simply put, CCRCs are retirement communities with an important added benefit: lifetime care, which ensures that you can "age in place," having planned ahead in terms of access to additional services and the cost of long-term care. The typical CCRC is a community that includes independent living in apartments or house units, an assisted living facility, and a nursing home or skilled nursing facility.

Some CCRCs also include short term rehab, hospice, special memory care facilities, and even home health care services.

You can check out Alabama's many CCRCs at our page: Georgia Continuing Care Retirement Communities, Life Care Communities, CCRCs.

Comparing Long Term Care in Georgia
Estimated Annual Cost (median rates)
nursing homes
assisted living
home health aide
adult day care
Adult Day
Nursing Home data is based on a Semi-Private Room.

Costs Around the State

Nursing Home Median Daily Rates (Semi-Private Room)
Albany $180
Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Roswell $197
Augusta-Richmond County $183
Brunswick $177
Columbus $171
Gainesville $185
Macon $197
Savannah $180
Warner Robins $160

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That's the median yearly cost for all nursing homes in the US (Semi-Private Room). In cost-per-day, its $220.
At least 70% of people over 65 will need long-term care services and support at some point in their lives.
(Source: 2015 Medicare & You, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services)

A BIG thank you to Genworth.

Much of the data used on this page was sourced from the "Cost of Care Survey 2015 - Washington" published by Genworth Financial, Inc. You can download a copy here We are very grateful that this excellent report is available to the public.

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