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Important current Medicaid news
Continuous Medicaid Coverage is over. Medicaid renewals are back. Get ready!

The Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services says The Continuous Medicaid Coverage program is over. This was an emergency response to the covid pandemic, and Congress passed a law ending it on March 31, 2023.

This means that you have to renew your status for Illinois Medicaid just like you did before the Covid pandemic. Renewal or redetermination is the process of making sure you are still eligible. The Illinois HFS says they will mail renewal forms to the head of households. Forms should arrive a month before they are due.

Not everyone has to renew at once. Each month, a different group of people are up for renewal. (Here's how to find out when your Medicaid is due to be renewed.)(Here's how to find out when your Medicaid is due to be renewed.)

If someone doesn't send in their renewal or no longer meets the requirements, they could lose service a month after the date they were supposed to


It's called "Medicaid Unwinding"

Before the pandemic, states had to make sure that Medicaid or CHIP coverage was renewed at least once a year and that people who no longer qualified for coverage were taken off the rolls. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Congress made sure that people didn't lose access to important health care by making it illegal for states to end a person's health insurance.

More about the Medicaid Unwinding...

How do I find my Illinois Medicaid renewal date?

To renew your benefits, you need to click the Manage My Case button at Your renewal date is in your 'Benefit Details' tab.

What happens if I miss my renewal due date?

It's important that you get complete instructions for what to do. Read about it at The Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services website. Here's a link:

What do I need to do to ensure I will receive my renewal letter?

Let Illinois Medicaid know your new address today. By updating your address, you can escape surprises and get updates about your insurance.

Can I check my Medicaid renewal date by phone?

According to Department of Healthcare and Family Services: Yes, call 1-800-843-6154. Your RIN (Recipient Identification Number) will be needed.