Medicaid doctor with young girl patient Getting to know medicaid

What is the "Medicaid Unwinding"?

Before the pandemic, states had to make sure that Medicaid or CHIP coverage was renewed at least once a year and that people who no longer qualified for coverage were taken off the rolls. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Congress made sure that people didn't lose access to important health care by making it illegal for states to end a person's health insurance.

Even if they no longer qualified, they kept their Medicaid benefits.

Now that the public health emergency is over, federal law says that Medicaid extensions must go back to normal.

This means that everyone who has health insurance through Medicaid or CHIP will have to renew their benefits over the next year. If a person is no longer qualified for Medicaid or CHIP, they can switch to another type of health insurance, like the Affordable Care Act Marketplace or coverage through their employer.